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At Shade My Home, we understand the importance of comfort and protection in your residence. We are committed to offering top-notch window sun screens and maintenance services at competitive prices. Upholding standards of quality, safety, and credibility, we've cemented our reputation in Phoenix's household maintenance sector.

Discover our popular sun screen services offered in Phoenix, valley-wide:

  • Sun Screen Installation

    Specializing in sun screens, we help Phoenix homes stay cool, reduce energy costs, and protect interiors from harmful UV rays.
  • Golf Ball Resistant Screens

    Living by the green? Our specialized screens offer additional protection against stray golf balls from nearby courses.
  • Protection For Artificial Turf

    Newly installed or existing artificial grass? We ensure your windows don’t reflect and damage it, keeping your yard pristine.
  • Window Screen Repair

    Harnessing years of expertise, we specialize in repairing and maintaining window screens to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

From Scorching Phoenix Sun, to Golf Course Living...

Keep Cool! We've got you covered.

Harness the power of our sun screens to combat Phoenix’s intense heat, while ensuring your artificial turf remains impeccable and shielded from stray golf balls.


Top 5 Sun Screen Services in Phoenix

Elevate your home’s comfort with our custom window sun screens. In Phoenix, the sun doesn’t relent. With solar shade screens on your windows, you’ll ensure protection, energy efficiency, and an aesthetic boost.

Your Home's Shield Against Phoenix's Blazing Sun

Window Sun Screens

In the heart of Phoenix, AZ, our homes face a relentless sun. This blazing star not only heats our interiors but also poses a threat to our beautiful artificial grass. The intense sunlight reflects off windows, leading to unsightly damage and melting of artificial turf. The solution? Window Sun Screens by Shade My Home.

Understanding the unique challenges Phoenix homeowners face, we prioritize the term ‘sun screen’ over ‘shade screen’. It’s not just semantics; it’s a reflection of the regional necessity to protect our homes from the fierce Arizona sun.

Our window sun screens are:

  • Specially Designed for Phoenix Homes: Crafted to withstand the Phoenix sun, these screens act as a barrier, reducing glare and preventing sun damage.
  • Protective for Artificial Turf: Don’t let your investment in turf go to waste. With our sun screens, ensure your turf remains untouched by reflective window heat.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing & Functional: Our screens are not just functional, they elevate the visual appeal of your home.
  • Versatile & Semi-Permanent: Need to clean or repurpose your window? Our screens can be easily removed and reattached as needed.

Invest in the best for your Phoenix home. Protect your interiors, save on energy costs, and shield your artificial grass with Shade My Home’s premier Window Sun Screens.

Guard Your Home from Phoenix's Intense Sun

Solar Shade Screens

Phoenix, AZ, is no stranger to the blazing sun. This intense sunlight doesn’t just elevate indoor temperatures but also risks the integrity of our cherished artificial grass. How? The sun’s rays, when reflected off windows, can cause the turf to melt and suffer damage. The answer? Solar Shade Screens from Shade My Home.

Recognizing the distinct challenges faced by Phoenix residents, we emphasize ‘solar shade screens’ to indicate our dedication to combating the sun’s harmful effects.

Benefits of our solar shade screens include:

  • Tailored for Phoenix Residences: Our screens are made to brave the Phoenix sun, acting as a formidable shield against glare and sun-induced wear.
  • Turf Protection: Maintain the pristine condition of your artificial grass. Prevent it from succumbing to the adverse effects of window reflections.
  • Stylish & Efficient: Beyond their key function, our screens also enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  • Adaptable & Semi-Permanent: Whether it’s cleaning time or you have other plans for your window, our screens can be effortlessly removed and reinstalled.

Step up your home’s defense against the relentless Arizona sun. Safeguard your interiors, reduce cooling costs, and preserve the lifespan of your artificial grass with Shade My Home’s top-tier Solar Shade Screens.

Motorized or Manual Phoenix Patio Shades

Retractable Patio Shades

Ah, Phoenix, where the sun paints the skies for what seems like an eternity. While the views are majestic, the sun can make outdoor lounging a touch too warm, sometimes diminishing the allure of your patio. The solution? Retractable Patio Shades from Shade My Home.

Here’s why Phoenix residents are investing in our patio shades:

  • Cool & Comfortable: Designed to counter the Phoenix heat, our patio shades ensure your outdoor spaces remain comfortably cool, even on the hottest days.
  • Protective Barrier: Not just from the sun; our shades also guard against dust, ensuring a cleaner outdoor experience.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Enjoy your outdoors without prying eyes. Our retractable patio shades grant you that cherished privacy.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: With an array of designs, our shades not only serve a purpose but also accentuate the beauty of your exteriors.
  • Flexible Use: Fancy a clear view? Our shades can be easily rolled up or down based on your preference.

Dive into the joy of outdoor living in Phoenix without compromise. Revel in cooler, cleaner, and more private spaces with Shade My Home’s premium Patio Shades.

Enjoy the Breeze, Keep the Bugs Out

Bug Screens & Insect Screens

Phoenix offers a beautiful climate, but with the cool breeze often come unwanted visitors – bugs and insects. With Shade My Home’s Bug & Insect Screens, you can relish the freshness without the nuisance.

Here’s why these screens are a must-have for every Phoenix homeowner:

  • Breathable Barrier: Let the cool air in and keep those pesky bugs out. Experience unhindered airflow while keeping your interiors insect-free.
  • Clear Views: Our screens are designed to offer clear views of the outdoors, ensuring you don’t miss out on Phoenix’s picturesque sunsets.
  • Durable & Reliable: Crafted with premium materials, our screens stand up to the test of time and the challenges of the Phoenix environment.
  • Health & Hygiene: Beyond comfort, our screens act as a safeguard, preventing mosquito-borne diseases and ensuring a healthier living space.
  • Easy Maintenance: Dust and dirt can be easily brushed off, making cleaning a breeze. Plus, the screens can be removed as needed for more thorough cleaning or other requirements.

Open your windows to Phoenix’s beautiful atmosphere, sans the bugs. Shade My Home’s Bug & Insect Screens are your ticket to a peaceful, bug-free living experience.

Rips & Tears are the Most Common

Window Screen Repairs in Phoenix

Phoenix’s blazing sun and ever-changing climate can wear down even the sturdiest window screens. At Shade My Home, we specialize in bringing your screens back to life.

Here’s what our Window Screen Repairs service entails:

  • Rips & Tears: The most common culprits in Phoenix homes. Whether it’s a small tear or a significant rift, we have the expertise to mend it seamlessly, restoring your window’s protection.
  • Clip & Spring Repairs: Broken retaining clips or worn-out springs? These tiny components play a crucial role in holding your screens in place. We ensure they’re replaced with the highest quality parts for long-lasting functionality.
  • Quick Turnaround: Phoenix residents can’t wait days with a compromised window screen. Our team is committed to swift and efficient repairs, minimizing downtime.
  • Quality Assurance: We use top-notch materials that are tailored to endure Phoenix’s unique conditions, ensuring your repaired screen lasts longer and performs better.
  • Professional Assessment: Our experts will evaluate the condition of your entire screen, advising on potential issues before they become bigger problems.

In Phoenix, your window screens are the first line of defense against external elements. Trust Shade My Home for your Window Screen Repairs, ensuring they stand strong against all odds.

Our Expertise

Phoenix Sun Screen Solutions

At Shade My Home, we have spent over a decade mastering the art of making Phoenix homes cooler, more energy-efficient, and free from unwanted outdoor nuisances.

Expertise in Sun Protection

When the Arizona sun beats down, Phoenix homeowners know the importance of robust protection. Our window sun screens and solar shade screens don’t just block out the heat; they also safeguard your artificial grass from melting, ensuring your home exterior stays pristine.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

In the blistering Phoenix summers, our patio shades become a homeowner’s best friend. They’re designed to repel the sun’s intensity, making afternoons outdoors a breeze, literally and figuratively.

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