Energy Savings from Sun Screens in Phoenix

Energy Savings from Sun Screens & Solar Shade Screens

Window Sun Screens (also referred to as Solar Shade Screens) are an extremely cost-effective solution for energy savings. The screens will block excessive heat gain through the windows of your Phoenix home. In many cases, sun screens will pay for themselves within a couple of years.

How to decide if Sun Screens are worth the money:

First of all, we can tell you with confidence that sun screens save you money. The question many customers ask is “are they really worth the investment?”. Similarly, we are often asked how much savings could be expected. We’ve outlined a few tips on determining if sun screens in Phoenix are right for you.

1. How much sun exposure do your windows receive?

A good measure of sun exposure is which direction your home faces. What is the sun exposure of the home? Your home may face east/west or north/south. While north or south exposure is preferred, there are other factors to consider. The most important aspect of sun exposure is which part of your home faces west. Finally, the afternoon sun is the hottest and has the strongest UV rays. If you have multiple windows on the west-side of your home, you can expect GREAT savings with sun screens in Phoenix.

2. Order an Energy Audit of your home.

An Energy Audit is a more accurate method of determining if window sun screens are a wise decision for your home in Phoenix. Energy Audits are conducted by specially trained contractors. The auditor preforms a test to diagnose your home and identify energy saving opportunities. Even more, local utility companies such as Salt River Project (SRP) and APS will often offer rebates for these audits.

Here are examples of utility company offers:

Get a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Checkup for $99. ($400 value)

Salt River Project
Salt River Project (SRP)
Save $400 on Home Energy Audit
Get a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Checkup for $99.

A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Checkup provides the best solutions to resolve home energy deficiencies. Most noteworthy, recommendations provided by the audit outline the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and return-on-investment. As a result, this great tool will give you insight into the best upgrades for Phoenix home energy savings.

3. Familiarize yourself with the health concerns.

Without solar shade screens or sun screens in Phoenix, you may expose yourself to some health risks. Chances are, you probably feel safe and protected from the weather while inside your home. Due to the harsh Phoenix sun, harmful UV rays are entering your home through the windows. As a result, you may be exposed to an increased risk of skin cancer or UV radiation. Also, you can even face a skin reddening called erythema. Erythema is commonly known as a “sunburn”.

While these health issues are not common indoors, it should still be taken into consideration. If you have a pre-existing skin condition or similar health concern, you are probably familiar with your increased risk of these issues. Therefore, it is best to consult with your doctor to help determine if you have an increased risk of health conditions as a result of harmful UV ray exposure.

The Best Solution: Sun Screens and Shade Screens

Our sun screens are mounted externally to your windows or doors. While the screens cover the glass, they block up to 90% of the solar heat gain and harmful UV rays. Similarly, you can expect to add privacy, reduced glare, and added protection to your furniture. Likewise, solar shade screens can help save up to 25% off your cooling costs. These savings not only feels great in your wallet, but will provide a more comfortable living space. Furthermore, our customers commonly see sun screens pay for themselves in 2 years or less.

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