Insect Screens & Bug Screens

Indoor Comfort with Insect Screens in Phoenix

Bug on Insect Screens in PhoenixThere’s only one thing worse than a hot, stuffy house full of stale air: a house full of fresh air mixed with insects and pests! We recommend adding insect screens in Phoenix (bug screens or insect screens) to your windows. Shade Screens in Phoenix almost look similar to insect screens, but they are not designed to provide solar protection.

Insect screens commonly keep out:

  • Flies
  • Mosquitos
  • Nats
  • Bees
  • Moths

Installation and Replacement of Insect Screens

You may find that some of your existing insect screens are ripped, bent, broken or missing. As a result, Shade My Home offers screen repair and replacement insect screens in Phoenix. We are the experts when it comes to measuring, manufacturing, and installing new insect screens custom-made to fit your home’s windows. We take pride in offering insect screens to match any existing screens for a seamless look.

Phoenix Reliable Insect Screen Service

Almost always, local hardware stores don’t offer replacement insect screens in “standard sizes”. While there may be common sizes available, insect screens don’t have industry-standard sizes. As a result, the hardware store window screen “kits” rarely have the proper size and color screen frame. Furthermore, all of the supplied parts, such as corners and hardware, are typically made of cheap plastic. In our blistering Arizona sun, plastic components will quickly become brittle and break due to exposure to the outdoor